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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trainer

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trainer

Note: Offline mode only.


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num – – Invincible/Immune To All Damages
Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
Num 3 – Max Sharpness
Num 4 – Infinite Item Pouch Items
Num 5 – Infinite Slinger Ammo
Num 6 – Mantles No Cooldown
Num 7 – Set Game Speed
Num 8 – One Hit Destroy Body Parts
Num 9 – One Hit Wound (Easy Capture)
Num 0 – One Hit Kill
Num . – 100% Critical Hit
Num + – Super Weapon Elemental Effects

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Zenny
Ctrl+Num 2 – Edit Research Points
Ctrl+Num 3 – Infinite Lucky Vouchers
Ctrl+Num 4 – Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)
Ctrl+Num 5 – No Equipment Upgrade Requirement
Ctrl+Num 6 – No Equipment Forge Requirement
Ctrl+Num 7 – No Equipment Augmentation Requirement
Ctrl+Num 8 – Max Palico Level
Ctrl+Num 9 – Max Palico Gadget Proficiency
Ctrl+Num 0 – Max Tailraiders Level
Ctrl+Num . – Palico Gadgets No Cooldown
Ctrl+Num + – Discover All Monsters On Map
Ctrl+Num – – Stealth Mode
Ctrl+Home – Infinite Buff Duration
Ctrl+PageUp – Show Monster Health (Lock On)
Ctrl+Insert – Edit Player’s Name
Ctrl+Delete – Edit Palico’s Name
Alt+Insert – Infinite Character Edit Vouchers
Alt+Delete – Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers

Ctrl+F1 – Research Point Multiplier
Ctrl+F2 – Hunter Exp Multiplier
Ctrl+F3 – Damage Multiplier
Ctrl+F4 – Get All Rewards (Normal+Rare)
Ctrl+F5 – 10x Bonus/Expedition Rewards
Ctrl+F6 – Max Monster Research Level
Ctrl+F7 – Infinite Mantles Duration
Ctrl+F8 – Infinite Resource Gathering
Ctrl+F9 – Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)
Ctrl+F10 – Master Exp Multiplier
Ctrl+F11 – Defense Multiplier

Alt+F5 – Max Guiding Lands Region Level
Alt+F6 – Max Decoration Slots And Level
Alt+F7 – Change Hunter Rank
Alt+F8 – Change Master Rank
Alt+F9 – Infinite Investigations
Alt+F10 – Edit Guiding Lands Lures
Alt+F11 – Max Decoration Skill Level
Alt+F12 – Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill

Alt+Num 1 – Long Sword: Max Spirit Gauge
Alt+Num 2 – Great Sword: Instant Charge
Alt+Num 3 – Hammer: Quick Charge
Alt+Num 4 – Charge Blade: Max Charge
Alt+Num 5 – Switch Axe: Amped State
Alt+Home – Switch Axe: Max Charge
Alt+Num 6 – Gunlance: No Reload
Alt+Num 7 – Gunlance: No Overheat
Alt+Num 8 – Bow: Instant Charge
Alt+Num 9 – Dual Blades: Max Demon Gauge
Alt+Num 0 – Insect Glaive: Infinite Extract Duration
Alt+Num . – All Bowguns: No Reload
Alt+Num + – All Bowguns: No Deviation
Alt+Num – – Heavy Bowgun: Rapid Fire
Alt+PageUp – All Bowguns: Ignore Range (Best Damage)
Alt+End – All Weapons: Max Frostcraft

  1. “Infinite Health” locks your health at max, but if you receive damage more than your max health in one hit, you will still be dead. You can also use “Invincible/Immune To All Damages” for better effects (you won’t be hit).
  2. “Infinite Item Pouch Items” works for consumables and ammo (for ammo, you need to open item pouch to take effect).
  3. “Equipment Upgrade Requirement” does not work for armors, you can use “Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)” to get upgrade materials for armors.
  4. “Max Palico Level”, “Max Palico Gadget Proficiency”, “Max Tailraiders Level” take effects when you complete a mission.
  5. “Max Monster Research Level” takes effect when research progress increases (e.g. track footprints, kill, capture, break parts, etc).
  6. “Heavy Bowgun: Rapid Fire” only works for the special ammo (Wyvernheart).
  7. “Show Monster Health (Lock On)” only work in DirectX 11 windowed/borderless windowed fullscreen mode. It will not work in exclusive fullscreen mode or DirectX 12.
  8. “Change Hunter Rank” and “Hunter Exp Multiplier”: You hunter rank is locked until you beat the main story. These options only work after you finished the main story. Note there are level caps at lv29 and lv49, you’ll need to complete specific missions in order to break the level cap.
  9. “Change Master Rank” and “Master Exp Multiplier”: Your master rank is locked until you beat the iceborne story, this option only work after you finished the iceborne story. Note there are level caps at lv49, lv69 and lv99, you’ll need to complete specific missions in order to break the level cap.
  10. “Max Guiding Lands Region Level” takes effect when you slay a monster in guiding lands.
  11. “Max Decoration Slots And Level” temporary unlocks all equipment decoration slots, when this option disabled, slots will restore to normal, but the decorations you already put in the slots will still have effects.
  12. “Defense Multiplier” reduces the damage you receive, it does not affect you actual defense stat.
  13. “Change Hunter Rank” only accept values between 16 and 999 (lv1-15 is set by story progress); “Change Master Rank” only accept values between 24 and 999 (lv1-23 is set by story progress).
  14. “Infinite Investigations” takes effect when you start an investigation mission.
  15. “Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill”: You only need one piece of armor to unlock its armor set skill.
  16. “Max Decoration Skill Level” takes effect when you select decorations in set decorations menu. Note this option is not permanent, skill levels will reset after restarting the game. To make it work a gain, go to set decorations menu again and select the decorations (you don’t need to change them).
  17. “Edit Player’s Name” and “Edit Palico’s Name”: After activating these options, save your game and reload the save file to see the names change. Note: the maximum length for character/palico’s name is 24 bytes in utf8 encoding (24 English letters/8-12 Unicode characters).
  18. “Infinite Character Edit Vouchers” and “Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers”: Your actual vouchers will still be used (if you have any), but you can edit character/palico even if you don’t have any vouchers. These options are not permanent, when they are disabled, the number of vouchers will restore to normal.
  19. “Infinite Buff Duration” works for all buffs including negative buffs, it will also prevent some buffs from appearing. You may want to disable this option when necessary.
  20. “Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)”: This option also locks your appraisal items, you need to disable this option when doing appraisal, otherwise it will never end because you have infinite items to appraise.
  21. “No Equipment Augmentation Requirement” and “Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)”: You need available slot for these options to work. If you already used all slots, remove some augmentations and use then “Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)” to reinstall all the augmentations.
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Special Notes

This trainer requires MOD “Performance Booster and Plugin Extender” to bypass crc memory check/anti tamper in the game, please follow these steps:

1. Install “Stracker’s Loader” (required for Performance Booster and Plugin Extender) from:
2. Install “Performance Booster and Plugin Extender” mod from:
3. Restart the game and trainer.

Note: If the game crashes after installing mods, you may need to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads


2020.10.02: Update for v20201001 game version.

2020.03.12: Update for v20200311 (v406510/v12.11.00) game version.
2020.02.10: Added “Infinite Character Edit Vouchers” and “Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers” options.
2020.02.09: Added “Edit Player’s Name” and “Edit Palico’s Name” options (read notes).
2020.02.06: Update for v20200205 (v402862/v11.50.00) game version.
1. Added “All Bowguns: Ignore Range (Best Damage)” option.
2. Separated “Switch Axe: Max Charge” from “Switch Axe: Amped State” to avoid problem when using certain moves.
3. Updated “Max Decoration Skill Level”, now it will also work for the second skill (if available).
4. Updated “Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill”, now it won’t affect armors that don’t have any armor set skill.
5. “Damage Multiplier” and “Defense Multiplier” can now go below 1.0.
2020.01.28: Added “Max Decoration Skill Level” and “Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill” options.
2020.01.27: Changed “Infinite Guiding Lands Lures” to “Edit Guiding Lands Lures” option; Update for v20200126 (v401727) game version; Closing the trainer will no longer close the game, you should be able to close the game normally with this game version.
2020.01.20: Added 2 more variants of the trainer, which may or may not solve the issues some people have, it’s for testing.
2020.01.18: Added “Infinite Investigations” and “Infinite Guiding Lands Lures” options.
2020.01.16: Update for v20200116 (v400974) game version.
1. Updated “Infinite Mantles Duration” option, now should work for all mantles.
2. Now closing the trainer will also close the game because you won’t be able to close the game normally when using trainer (you will be reminded before the game close, make sure to save your game).
1. Added “Change Master Rank” and “Infinite Mantles Duration” options.
2. Updated “No Equipment Augmentation Requirement” option to work for custom upgrades.
3. Updated “Change Hunter Rank” and “Infinite Items (Item Box)” options to allow custom value input.
2020.01.12: Added “Defense Multiplier”, “Max Guiding Lands Region Level”, “Max Decoration Slots And Level” options.
1. Added “Infinite Resource Gathering”, “Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)”, “Master Exp Multiplier” options.
2. Updated “No Equipment Augmentation Requirement” to work for master rank weapons.
2020.01.10 (3): Added weapon options.
2020.01.10 (2):
1. Added everything back except weapon options (they will be added in the next update).
2. Added “No Equipment Augmentation Requirement” and “Hunter Exp Multiplier” options.
3. “Infinite Items (Item Box)” now works for all items in item box.
2020.01.10 (1): Added more options. This updated version is experimental, it may freeze/crash your game, if it does not work for you, you can use the more stable +8 version.
2020.01.09: Added more options. This updated version is experimental, it may freeze/crash your game, if it does not work for you, you can use the more stable +8 version.

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数字键 1 – 无限生命
数字键 – – 无敌模式/无视伤害判定
数字键 2 – 无限体力
数字键 3 – 最高斩味
数字键 4 – 无限道具袋物品
数字键 5 – 无限投射器子弹
数字键 6 – 特殊装备无需冷却
数字键 7 – 设置游戏速度
数字键 8 – 一击破坏部位/倒地/硬直
数字键 9 – 一击重伤 (容易捕捉)
数字键 0 – 一击必杀
数字键 . – 100%暴击率
数字键 + – 最高武器属性效果

Ctrl+数字键 1 – 编辑金钱
Ctrl+数字键 2 – 编辑调查点数
Ctrl+数字键 3 – 无限激运票
Ctrl+数字键 4 – 编辑物品数量 (仓库)
Ctrl+数字键 5 – 强化装备无需材料
Ctrl+数字键 6 – 生产装备无需材料
Ctrl+数字键 7 – 客制强化无需材料
Ctrl+数字键 8 – 最高随从等级
Ctrl+数字键 9 – 最高随从技能熟练度
Ctrl+数字键 0 – 最高随从们友好度
Ctrl+数字键 . – 随从技能无需冷却
Ctrl+数字键 + – 立即发现地图内所有怪物
Ctrl+数字键 – – 隐身模式
Ctrl+Home – 无限BUFF持续时间
Ctrl+PageUp – 显示怪物血量 (锁定时)
Ctrl+Insert – 编辑角色名字
Ctrl+Delete – 编辑随从名字
Alt+Insert – 无限猎人造型券
Alt+Delete – 无限随从造型券

Ctrl+F1 – 调查点数倍率
Ctrl+F2 – 猎人经验倍率
Ctrl+F3 – 伤害倍率
Ctrl+F4 – 获得所有任务报酬 (普通+稀有)
Ctrl+F5 – 10倍追加/探索特别报酬
Ctrl+F6 – 最高怪物研究等级
Ctrl+F7 – 衣装无限持续时间
Ctrl+F8 – 无限资源收集次数
Ctrl+F9 – 不消耗客制强化槽 (大师级武器)
Ctrl+F10 – 大师经验倍率
Ctrl+F11 – 防御倍率

Alt+F5 – 最高聚魔之地区域等级
Alt+F6 – 最高装备插槽数量和等级
Alt+F7 – 改变猎人等级
Alt+F8 – 改变大师等级
Alt+F9 – 无限调查任务剩余次数
Alt+F10 – 编辑聚魔之地诱饵数量
Alt+F11 – 最高珠子技能等级
Alt+F12 – 一件装备触发套装技能

Alt+数字键 1 – 太刀:锁定红刃
Alt+数字键 2 – 大剑:瞬间蓄力
Alt+数字键 3 – 大锤:快速蓄力
Alt+数字键 4 – 盾斧:锁定红盾+红刃
Alt+数字键 5 – 斩斧:锁定高出力状态
Alt+Home – 战斧:满充能槽
Alt+数字键 6 – 铳枪:无需装弹
Alt+数字键 7 – 铳枪:无需冷却
Alt+数字键 8 – 弓:瞬间蓄力
Alt+数字键 9 – 双刀:满鬼人槽
Alt+数字键 0 – 操虫棍:猎虫精华无限持续
Alt+数字键 . – 轻/重弩炮:无需装弹
Alt+数字键 + – 轻/重弩炮:准心不偏移
Alt+数字键 – – 重弩炮:快速射击
Alt+PageUp – 轻/重弩炮:无视距离 (必定造成最佳伤害)
Alt+End – 全武器:无限寒气练成

      1. “无限生命”会把生命值锁定到最大值,但如果你一次性受到大于生命值上限的伤害,还是会死的。有需要可以用“无敌模式”功能。
      2. “无限道具袋物品”对弹药也有效果,但需要打开道具袋才会对弹药生效。
      3. “强化装备无需材料”对衣服没有效果,你可以用“编辑仓库物品数量”来修改器衣服强化材料数量。
      4. “显示怪物血量 (锁定时)”此功能只在DX11窗口/全屏窗口化模式下使用,另外对某些系统可能不兼容,不一定适用于所有人。
      5. “改变猎人等级”、“改变大师等级”等功能:注意这些等级在游戏过程中会有限制,需要你完成一些任务才能突破上限。
      6. “无限BUFF持续时间”对所有BUFF包括负面BUFF都有效果,并且可能会阻止一些BUFF发生(因为BUFF触发倒计时被锁定),必要时请取消此功能。
      7. “客制强化无需材料”、“不消耗客制强化槽 (大师级武器)”注意大师级武器需要有剩余的插槽才能使用这两项功能。如果插槽不足请先把当前的客制强化卸除,然后再用“不消耗客制强化槽 (大师级武器)”进行客制强化。
      8. “编辑物品数量 (仓库)”:注意这个功能也会把鉴定物品数量锁定,在鉴定物品时请取消此功能,否则会因为有无限鉴定物品而一直鉴定下去无法结束。

当前修改器需要”Performance Booster and Plugin Extender” MOD禁用游戏内存校验/反作弊。请按照以下步骤安装所需MOD:

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